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Revoked driver's license in New York may due to different reasons

There are many reasons that a motorist might lose his or her driving privileges. Those reasons are typically tied to convictions based upon certain driving infractions. A person who is accused of driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license could face additional charges, depending on the circumstances unique to his or her personal situation. New York prosecutors consider these offenses very seriously and a motorist could face a violation, misdemeanor or felony charge. Penalties for a conviction cover a range of possible punishments, including incarceration.

DWI charges in New York for man with revoked driver's license

When drivers are accused of driving while intoxicated, that charge alone is enough to dramatically alter their lives. If it is coupled with other factors, such as a previous conviction or a revoked driver's license, it can be even more problematic. People in that category might face even harsher punishments if convicted. An out-of-state man was recently charged with a DWI here in New York, and authorities say his personal circumstances could mean that he will see repercussions throughout his life.

Suspended driver's license for Thomas Ravenel after DWI charge

The people of New York may believe that celebrities are more likely to get out of a DWI charge or a suspended driver's license rather than an average citizen. Headlines of celebrities getting out of serious legal issues and punishments may even anger some. Although the media may lead people to believe that it is easy for celebrities to get out of a suspended driver's license or other legal issues, it is often not always the reality.

New York: Potential suspended driver's license overlooked?

A New York taxi driver's record is now being carefully scrutinized after a young lady was injured by him. It is now being claimed that he had accumulated enough violations on his record that he should have had a suspended driver's license. The 24-year-old man is reported as having at least four incidences on his record since he had started working for the cab company in 2010.

Mount Marion man still driving after 25 suspensions or revocations

A couple of weeks ago, a 53-year-old man from Mount Marion, near New Paltz, was discovered driving on a suspended or revoked license even after he had received a total of 25 driver's license suspensions and revocations. The latest suspension was apparently due to an insurance lapse.

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