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Buddy Valastro accused of drunk driving in New York

Anyone who has turned on the television has likely heard of the "Cake Boss." Buddy Valastro is known for the intricate cakes he makes on his hit television show for a variety of different functions. Unfortunately, his name is in the headlines for a completely different reason. New York police have now accused him of drunk driving.

2 men charged with DWI in odd New York accident

It seems to be human nature to want to watch another person's misfortune. For example, many people have encountered traffic congestion around a car accident -- congestion caused solely by people slowing to look at the damaged vehicles. Likewise, a police officer who has pulled over a vehicle is a powerful attraction that might be enough of a distraction in itself to cause an accident. In a similar situation in New York, one man is accused of DWI after striking the car of another man who had been pulled over by the authorities on suspicion of drunk driving,

New York man faces resisting arrest, drunk driving charges

Halloween is an interesting time of year in this country. Many people have strange tales about the events of the night when so many people, both children and adults, walk around in costume. Police in New York certainly have a strange tale after accusing one woman of drunk driving in an incident that allegedly resulted in what is described as a serious injury to a police officer caused by a shoe.

New York accident leads to drunk driving charge

When telling a story, some people fall into a trap. Instead of simply telling the facts, they like to add commentary to the facts that is likely based on one person's interpretation of events. If the same events were told by a different person, it is likely that he or she would interpret the events differently. This is one reason why New York criminal courts require a high burden of proof in order to obtain a conviction. After a recent car accident resulted in a drunk driving charge, prosecutors will likely need to ensure they have sufficient evidence to prove the accused man's guilt.

Crash with New York State police results in DWI for motorist

Here in New York, law enforcement works diligently to locate motorists that may be driving under the influence of alcohol. Those motorists who are charged with drunk driving face a range of possible punishments, including incarceration. For these reasons, people who are charged with a DWI should know just how seriously these accusations are taken. A recent crash demonstrates the gravity of a person's potential situation as a male driver has been accused of hitting two state troopers who claim that he was intoxicated at the time of the collision.

How are ignition interlock devices used after a DWI in New York?

The state of New York takes drunk driving very seriously. Punishments for DWI can vary, including incarceration or fines, as well as losing one's license to operate a motor vehicle. The sentences depend on the circumstances of the crime and whether the accused has been convicted of a DWI in the past. One possible outcome from a DWI conviction is that a person may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on his or her car. Many people may not know exactly what this device does and what it can mean for a person who has to have one installed.

Common mistakes for New York motorists charged with DWI

When motorists are pulled over by the police, they may not realize that some of the things they say or do can get them in a great deal of trouble. This not only applies to legal matters, such as an admission of guilt, but other factors they may not have considered. Here in New York, law enforcement considers driving while intoxicated to be a very serious offense. Those who are charged with DWI might make matters worse through some of their actions.

DWI charges in New York over Labor Day stemmed from campaign

A few weeks ago, we discussed the efforts of police to crack down on impaired driving over the course of the Labor Day Weekend ("New York State Police plan DWI enforcement for Labor Day", Aug. 19, 2014). The results of that campaign are now available, and they show that a great deal of DWI charges were filed against drivers. Those New York motorists who were charged likely realize that they need to consider the charges seriously, though they may not be aware of all of the potential ramifications.

New York State Police plan DWI enforcement for Labor Day

Summer is winding down, and many families are planning one last trip before the weather changes. Many will use the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend as an opportunity for a family get-together, and some of these gatherings will involve the consumption of alcohol. New York State Police have warned motorists that they are going to be launching a special campaign to look for drivers who may be intoxicated and will not hesitate to charge someone with a DWI when circumstances warrant.

Gov. Cuomo signs harsher law for repeat DWI offenses in New York

When someone in New York is convicted of driving while intoxicated, they are likely aware of the potential punishments they may face. What they might not be privy to is what could happen to them if they are charged more than once with a DWI. Governor Cuomo recently signed a law that gives judges the power to enforce stricter punishments on those with multiple DWIs in their history, and it has the potential to severely affect many in the state.

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