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How red light cameras may affect New York motorists

Many people here in New York are likely aware of the dangers associated with certain driving behaviors. Speeding, running a red light and other types of violations are a concern, although many people may simply make a mistake behind the wheel. These mistakes can still result in a potentially-costly ticket for those who are cited for traffic violations. Many locales now make use of cameras at stop lights in an effort to both discourage people from breaking the law and to catch those who do, and it is important for those who are cited for running a red light to be aware of them.

What the Traffic Violations Bureau is like in New York City

Every day, motorists receive traffic tickets for various reasons. Dealing with these can be difficult -- a driver who has too many risks having his or her license suspended or revoked, in addition to other potential punishments. Going to the Traffic Violations Bureau here in New York City can be intimidating, as most people do not have the legal knowledge available to properly defend themselves against the charges. Karen A. Friedman, Attorney at Law here has a wealth of experience dealing with these types of infractions and may be able to help you.

New York man faces reckless driving charges after fatal accident

When someone stands accused of causing a fatal car accident, it should never be taken lightly. Whether the driver is alleged to have caused the accident by reckless driving, failing to obey traffic signals and signs or other violations, a resulting fatality will be considered very seriously by prosecutors. Recently, a man here in New York was accused of causing a fatal accident, and he is facing several traffic violations that could result in jail time if he is found guilty.

Driver cited for traffic violations after side-swiping patrol car

When a New York State Trooper pulled a driver over along a New York highway for speeding recently, he probably did not expect to land in a hospital. Sitting in the patrol car, with flashing emergency lights, the trooper was writing out tickets for traffic violations. State police say that the vehicles of both the trooper and the detained motorist were on the shoulder.

New York motorcyle ride ends with multiple traffic violations

A decision to take a motorcycle ride in New York recently did not end as the rider most likely would have preferred. Instead, he wound up being arrested and charged with multiple traffic violations as well as additional charges. After he reportedly tried to run from police, he was apprehended. He is currently in custody awaiting further proceedings in his case.

New York driver issued multiple traffic violations after accident

Workers whose jobs require them to be exposed to traffic frequently find themselves in dangerous situations. One such worker was recently hit by a New York driver who subsequently was charged with multiple traffic violations. The man was injured and the problems may just be beginning for the young woman whom is deemed responsible for causing him harm.

YouTube video leads to reckless driving charges for New York man

A video that went viral on YouTube recently interested New York City police very much and resulted in an arrest and seizure of a 2006 BMW. The driver in the video is allegedly shown speeding around a Manhattan loop of 26.4 miles in approximately 24 minutes. Police began investigating the incident after the video went viral, and they recently arrested the 30-year-old driver on charges of reckless driving.

New York getting tougher about reckless driving

Surveys have shown that most drivers agree that talking and texting while driving is a dangerous activity. New York agrees with them and they have recently enacted stronger laws to crack down on all reckless driving offenses. In order to be able to catch more drivers that may be breaking the laws, the governor has decided to bring back the use of unmarked police cars. The cars had been declared unlawful in 1996 because of the possible risk of people trying to pull over unsuspecting drivers while pretending to drive an unmarked trooper car.

New York applying brakes with tighter traffic violations

The governor of New York has decided that some laws concerning driving needed to be adjusted. As a result, he has signed bills that are increasing the penalties for traffic violations especially those related to cell phones and texting. The updated laws call for much harsher punishments in the form of steeper fines and points given per citation. This news was probably not well received by the drivers it is meant to target -- the younger driver.

New Jersey could soon be cracking down on repeat DWI offenses

Here in New York, we have some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation. In New Jersey, however, while the penalties for DUI, as it's called in that state, work a bit differently. It's not that the consequences for DWI aren't as harsh as they are here -- it's that DWI is always considered a traffic violation.

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