Driving Around Town: Traffic Stops, Fines, Charges

Taxi Insider Newspaper 2010 Traffic Stops: How should you behave if you are stopped by the police? Be polite. Even if you believe that you didn't do anything wrong, do not argue with the officer. If you are courteous, there is a possibility that he will let you go. In the alternative, he may [...]

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Driving Around Town: Winning in traffic court with a lawyer

Cases in which motorists presence made a difference Ticket for an improper turn John, a taxi driver, received a ticket for an improper turn. The law states that if a motorist wishes to turn left, he must turn from the left lane and if he wants to turn right, he must turn from the [...]

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Driving Around Town: Speeding Ticket in NYC

Speeding Ticket in NYC: Prevention and Safe Driving Taxi Insider Newspaper 2010 The faster you go the more money you'll make. True or false? If you don't get stopped by the police you'll make more money. If you do get pulled over and receive a speeding ticket in NYC, your fare could end up costing [...]

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