Reckless Driving

New York may strengthen the penalties for reckless driving

In July 2010, a 30-year-old man hit and killed a 64-year-old grandfather of four while driving drunk and the wrong way on the Long Island Expressway. The man ran his Mercedes-Benz head on into the Super Shuttle the victim was driving to pick up airport passengers. The victim died 16 days later and Mercedes [...]

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New York takes further steps against distracted driving

The nation has been making aggressive efforts to combat distracted driving and the driving while texting issue. Now, New York is taking penalties a step further. As of July 26, 2013, the following laws have been in place: A first offense for using electronics while driving is a minimum fine $50 with maximum of [...]

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Driving Around Town: Speeding Ticket in NYC

Speeding Ticket in NYC: Prevention and Safe Driving Taxi Insider Newspaper 2010 The faster you go the more money you'll make. True or false? If you don't get stopped by the police you'll make more money. If you do get pulled over and receive a speeding ticket in NYC, your fare could end up costing [...]

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