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Trucking AttorneyIf you make a living from your commercial driver’s license (CDL), or if you operate a commercial trucking company, you understand the importance of keeping your driver’s license clean and the trucks rolling. As an experienced trucking violations lawyer, Karen A. Friedman understands the problems that you encounter. She can use her extensive trial experience and in-depth knowledge of New York State law to defend your rights and minimize the fines.

Karen A. Friedman, Trucking Attorney, represents motorists in a wide range of trucking matters, including:

  • Permit violations
  • Off truck route violations
  • Overweight Truck violations
  • Speeding, reckless driving, tailgating and unsafe lane changes
  • Equipment Violations
  • New York City Tax Stamp and Highway Use Tax Permit Violations
  • DWI

Conviction for off truck route in New York State poses a problem for truckers as the violation carries a two-point penalty and a high fine. It is essential to check the truck routes before you start your route to avoid tickets.

Fee schedule for multiple off truck route convictions:

1st offense: $250.00

2nd offense within 18-month period: $500.00

3rd offense within 18-month period: $1,000.00

Plus, the required city and state surcharges

Overweight summonses can carry a price tag of close to $10,000. It is unfortunate, but officers routinely issue several summonses for the same stop, such as overweight registration, overweight on consecutive axles, and overweight on three or more axles. These summonses are expensive, and the officer can take the truck out of service, costing the company several thousand dollars in fines and spoiled meat or produce.

Karen A. Friedman can defend the corporation without the driver or corporate officer appearing in court. The objective is to get the summonses dismissed or in the alternative to do damage control and keep the fines at a minimum.

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Karen A. Friedman represents clients throughout New York State. She represents motorists in New York City, Clinton, Yonkers and Manhattan. She also represents people throughout The Hudson Valley, Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Greene County, Columbia County and Rockland County.